‘Ancelotti’ admits he was surprised ‘Jude’ scored the net that he played.

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Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti admits he was surprised Jude Bellingham scored so many goals earlier in the football season.

The Whites beat Getafe 2-1 at home in La Liga on Saturday. The winning goal from Jude Bellingham in injury time gave Los Blancos a 4-game winning streak in the league UFABET.

After the match end, ‘Ancelotti’ admitted that. He was surprise by Bellingham’s scoring performance. Who scored 5 goals in 4 league games and played an important role in helping the team win them all.

“I’m not surprised by Bellingham’s quality. But I’m surprised he scored so many goals in his first few games. It surprised many people, including me.

“He is very professional and serious. The team’s professionalism is at a high level and he leads by example. He has adjust very well. And went on vacation with the young players on the team I think everything turned out well.

“He can reach 15 goals because he did it at Dortmund. He is great without the ball and doesn’t concede the ball. And He often goes into the penalty area and penetrate the competitor landscape

“He is almost in every offensive movement. times and that is why he score most of our goals.”