“Asensio” admits not knowing about the rumors with Barce

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Real Madrid winger Marco Asensio admits he doesn’t know about Barcelona rumors But confirms that anything can happen in the future.

Star kicker day 26 years left with a contract. “White King” until the end of this season only Earlier it was also reported that the club had no plans to expand further

this season, Asensio has made four La Liga and Champions League appearances as a substitute, all of whom. Previously, it was pointed out that he expressed his displeasure with manager Carlo Ancelotti after being hung on the bench.

During the past, the Spanish national team has been involved with many teams. Especially recently, there are rumors that Barca are interested.

Speaking about this, Asensio said: “I don’t know if Barca want me. But there are rumors with a lot of teams, that’s normal.” The UFABET report

When asked if he said he would not play for Barca Asensio replied, “I’m not thinking about my future at Barca, I don’t care.”

“In the next seven months I can play for any team. So I don’t know either. So now I don’t know I can’t answer”

before talking about the new contract. “Renewing the contract with Real Madrid is not up to me. It depends on many factors. I hope it will happen.”