Bordalas insists Greenwood is only interested in football.

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Getafe coach Jose Bordalas says he is considering Mason Greenwood as a footballer. As for the lawsuit, it has end without the players being found guilty.

El Keta decide to loan the English striker from Manchester United on the final day of the summer transfer window. with a duration of 1 full season.

After the latest La Liga game. In which Getafe lost to Real Madrid painfully 1-2. The Spanish media question the decision to loan Greenwood to the team. UFABET Even though the player was oppose by people in England due to the case Physical harm.

“It’s a delicate situation from the standpoint. Everyone knows what’s going on and measures are being take.” Bordalas told AS.

“Everyone knows how it ends. There is no proof of wrongdoing. He is a footballer at a very high level and comes to Getafe with great enthusiasm. For our part We will look forward to helping him.”

Greenwood has ban from playing at the club by Manchester United after the player was arrest and charged with rape and assault.

However, British police later drop the charges because the prosecution did not take issue. Allowing Greenwood to escape the lawsuit.

However, United were so pressure by British society that they decide not to use the player. Before Greenwood end up being sent on loan to Getafe.