Rudiger reveals ‘Pepe’ is an idol – ‘Ance’ used to invade home

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Antonio Rudiger says former Real Madrid centre-back Pepe is a role model and revealed that Carlo Ancelotti had visited him at home during his recent transfer to the club.

Last summer, Rudiger’s contract with Chelsea expired and moved to “White King” free of charge

. This season, the 29-year-old defensive line played for Madrid to a total of 9 shots, scoring 1 goal to help. The team are in fine form, winning 100 per cent in La Liga and taking the lead

, Rudiger told Sport , revealing how to connect with new boss Ancelotti

. New in Madrid for a few hours, we’re barbecuing. Then someone rang the bell, I opened the door and saw Carlo Ancelotti standing!” The UFABET report

“It was the moment that made me WOW, Ancelotti joined us at our dining table. and getting to know my family.”

“He was super friendly and down to earth, he stayed with us for two hours. And talk about everything

The treatment of the players, unmatched, Ancelotti.

“He’s a legendary coach. and collecting cups Champions League since I was young, working with him every day. In the greatest club in the world it’s awesome.”

Rudiger was asked, adding which player he held as a role model.

“I think Pepe, I had him as an idol when he was still alive. Madrid, I always wanted to be like him.”

“I used to sit and study videos of him playing, when I was young. And want to prove to everyone that I am as aggressive as Pepe “.

“Pepe is a very good player. It’s not just a one-on-one duel. But it’s also a matter of keeping the defensive structure

. He’s the only person I’d wait hours for for a jersey

. A true legend!,”