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Green tea can help you lose weight.

There are many methods that make weight loss effective, including diet control. exercise Choosing foods that help promote weight loss easily, etc. Green tea is one option that Japanese people use as a weight loss aid. Let’s find out why green tea can help you lose weight . 1. The synergistic effect

3 Easy Japanese Tricks Make bean sprouts even more delicious

In Japan, bean sprouts are a very cheap vegetable. The price ranges from 29-45 yen per 200-250 grams of bean sprouts. Japanese people often bring bean sprout to cook in various menus. Such as stir-fry, salad, Aemono (boiled vegetables with mixed seasoning). Namul (Korean style bean

8 clear face serum formulas Skin care items

When it comes to serums, I believe that girls who pay attention to facial skin care must know this product very well. Because serum is an important helper that makes the skin clear without acne. It also helps to eliminate dullness. and helps reduce wrinkles along with tightening pores