“Keeping eggs in the refrigerator” to last a long time

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Eggs are an easily available source of quality protein in Japan. However, egg are becoming more expensive in Japan nowadays.  Along with ways to extend the life of the egg to prevent them from spoiling more easily Let’s learn facts about egg storage in the refrigerator and some tips about egg preservation from former Tokyo Agricultural University professor Chiyoko Tokue.

1. Eggs spoil more easily if stored in the egg compartment on the refrigerator door.

Refrigerators are generally designed with an egg compartment in the refrigerator door so that the egg can be easily accesse. But in reality, storing egg in the egg compartment on the refrigerator door will spoil them easily. due to temperature differences and vibrations when opening and closing the refrigerator Storing the inside of the refrigerator will help extend the shelf life of the egg. It should also be stored in a sealed container to prevent Salmonella contaminated eggshells. From transferring to other foods in the refrigerator.

2. Collect the eggs so that the obtuse side of the egg is on top.

In the egg, there is an air cell (Air cell), which is a gap on the obtuse side of the egg. Storing the eggs with the obtuse side of the egg on top prevents microbes from entering the egg easily, thereby prolonging the life of the egg.

3. Boiled eggs spoil more easily than raw eggs.

Many people think that storing hard-boiled egg in the refrigerator will last longer than raw egg, but hard-boiled egg actually spoil more easily than raw ones. Because in raw egg whites there are enzymes that can help resist the growth of bacteria. If boiling an egg, it will cause the enzyme to denature and cause the egg to spoil more easily.

4. Do not wash eggs before storing them.

Eggs may be contaminate with Salmonella. But should not wash the eggs before storing. Because washing will cause the outer layer of the egg to peel off, making it easier for bacteria to enter the egg.

5. Can I eat expired eggs?

Egg expiration is calculated according to the law on food sanitation. To prevent food poisoning caused by Salmonella bacteria that may be attached to the egg. In other words, during the time the enzyme called lysozyme (Lysozyme) in the egg white maintains its working state to remove contaminants from entering the egg. This was the time when Japanese people were able to eat raw egg. 

In general, eggs are a fast food item because egg are delicious in almost every dish and have all the nutritional values ​​except vitamin C. But in case you don’t have time to cook and buy egg to keep for a long time, you can try to store eggs according to the instructions above. INFO : UFABET