Glazers successfully pulled out time to withdraw from the Red Devils’ sale.

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The Glazers succeeded in playing the delay game. After it was reported that he was preparing to withdraw from the sale of the club. According to sports reports last night.

Over the past several months, there have been reports of the sale of Manchester United continuously coming out after the Glazer family. Open the door for interested capital groups to negotiate details and numbers UFABET

However, discussions have not progressed because Manchester United’s owners are playing host to the ever-increasing numbers. Leaving only two interested parties: Qatar and Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

Qatar’s Sheikh Yassim is prepared to pay more than £6 billion for the Glazers. According to a previously reported price. But the matter was never close to the words ‘Final conclusion’

Sheikh Yassim has no problem taking over the Red Devils and is ready to take 100 percent ownership. But negotiations have not been fruitful and have dragged on until now.

Recently, the Daily Mail revealed that after inquiring with sources close to the Glazer family. It was learned that the owner of Manchester United is preparing to withdraw his status and close the door on selling the club again.

Sheikh Yassim and Sir Ratcliffe have also become annoyed with Glazer’s change of attitude. And the brothers’ demands have reportedly increased to £10 billion.

The Glazer side, which has been heavily protested and attacked by Red Devil fans for many years. And even more violently in the last 1-2 years is not unfazed or bothered by any of the insults. Because the Daily Mail states that the club owner never cared. Attitude or message that football fans try to present through the media at all.