3 Easy Japanese Tricks Make bean sprouts even more delicious

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In Japan, bean sprouts are a very cheap vegetable. The price ranges from 29-45 yen per 200-250 grams of bean sprouts. Japanese people often bring bean sprout to cook in various menus. Such as stir-fry, salad, Aemono (boiled vegetables with mixed seasoning). Namul (Korean style bean sprout salad). ) and added to ramen, etc. However, one of the problems with bean sprout preparation is that the boiled bean sprouts. Become soggy and lose their crunch. Learn how to prepare delicious bean sprout and maintain complete nutritional value from a Japanese dietitian.

How to make bean sprouts more delicious

Bean sprout are vegetables that are rich in dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins. However, if they are boiled for a long time, they will lose vitamins and minerals potassium dissolved in water. Here are some tips for boiling bean sprout to maintain their nutritional value and maintain their delicious, crunchy flavor:

1. Do not soak the bean sprouts in cold water.

In general, after boiling vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and Japanese mustard greens, etc.. Japanese people tend to immediately soak them in cold water. However, if freshly boiled bean sprout are soaked in cold water, the bean sprout become wet and soft. The way to maintain the crunchiness of bean sprout is Pouring freshly boiled bean sprout through a sieve and evenly spreading them over the sieve to reduce the temperature of the bean sprout without rinsing them with cold water.

2. Add a little vinegar to the bean sprout boiling water.

Adding about a tablespoon of vinegar to the bean sprout will help keep the sprout white and help reduce the grassy smell.

3. Boil in a short time.

short time boiling will maintain the crunchiness of the bean sprout In general, Japanese people boil 1 bag of bean sprout, 200-250 grams, in boiling water for about 40 seconds.

How to cook delicious bean sprouts in the microwave

If you don’t like the hassle of boiling water to boil bean sprout, you can bring bean sprout to boil in the microwave by washing 200-250 grams of bean sprouts thoroughly. and put in a heat resistant container Cover loosely with plastic wrap. Then put in the microwave at 600 watts for 1 minute 40 seconds, then take out the bean sprouts and season as you like. The UFABET report