‘Willian’ reverts to breaking chicken breasts into Singha cave

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Samba winger Willian has revealed he waited more than two weeks for an offer from Tottenham before joining Chelsea in 2013

. “Golden Spikes chicken” after rejecting the transfer of the club before signing with “Sing the Blues” at the time.

Willian claimed that he was in London for two weeks for Spurs to get a deal done to sign him. But admitted that he was not sure about the interest from Chelsea for a long time.

The Brazilian acknowledged that once he heard about the interest from Chelsea, on the day he was supposed to sign for Tottenham, he jumped ship.

, Spurs agreed with Anchi Makachala about the fee. which willian I went for a physical examination before being informed that Chelsea Also interested

, Willian, who now moves to Fulham, said: “I’m in London for two weeks, waiting and waiting for Tottenham to make a decision because they are in a situation where Gareth Bale is. Will move to Real Madrid ” The UFABET report

“Liverpool are also interested. As for Chelsea, I’m not so sure. They showed interest but at first there was nothing serious.

” Chelsea moved in on the day I signed for Spurs. I was at the Tottenham training ground to agree the final contract when the phone call came in.

“The agent told me: ‘Chelsea just called me. They want you.” I said, “Okay, I want to go there!”

“Then I left the training ground and went back to my hotel. It was a difficult situation. because I agreed to go to Spurs But my heart is only Chelsea

. It was the best decision of my career.”