Yi Kee formula

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1. The formula runs on a single Yi Ki.

Calculation model Current Yiki Lottery Draws Top 016 Below 66The top unit is 6, the bottom ten is 6, substituted in the formula will get 6+6-2 = 10, leading to the next round of running on one unit.Which the next round results come out on 005. Eat full. Let’s get it.

2. The formula for running below is only Yi Ki.

The formula for calculating the top ten is multiplied by 2 minus 2. Calculation model. The current Yi Ki Lottery round is on 293 below 09. The top ten is 9, substituted in the formula, will get 9×2 = 18 – 2 = 6, leading to play the next single bottom run.The results of the next round come out on 56 profits.

3. Yi Kee Rut formula,

top + bottomThe calculation formula is Bottom unit + top ten +3 Calculation model. Yi Ki Lottery Current round out, top 040, bottom 85The bottom unit is 5, the top ten is a 4, substituted in the formula will get 5+4+3=12, bringing 2 to play, swiping 19 goals, both above and below as you like. The results of the next round come out on 792, bottom 62, got 2, really bouncing.

4. One Yi Ki formula, pin ten, top + bottom

The formula for calculating is the top ten multiply by the bottom ten, then take the last digit to play ten digits both above and below as you like. Calculation model Current Yi Ki Lottery Rounds Out on 570 Below 50The top ten is 7. The bottom ten is 5, substituted in the formula will get 7×5 = 35, bringing 5 to play tens You can get both top and bottom as you like.