Casemiro admits his form has dropped.

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Casemiro, Brazilian midfielder He admits that injuries have taken away his good form this season. But he is ready to continue to prove himself with Manchester United.

Casemiro moved from Real Madrid to Manchester United in August 2022 for a huge fee of 60 million pounds, plus an additional 10 million pounds in add-ons, in his first season at Old Trafford. He has satisfactory work. But the following season he disappeared from view for several games due to injury. And when he went on the field, UFABET his performance was so poor that he received a lot of criticism.

“I’ve never seen (an injury) like this before in my life.”

“Without a doubt, my season has been far from my best. It is a significant injury. That made me disappear for the first time for a month and a half. Then it changed to three months.”

“I returned to the field. And then I felt something come up again.

“The last five, six games I had to play centre-back. Because we have a shortage of players in that position. So I had to play to fill the hole. That we don’t have ready players.”

The 32-year-old midfielder still believes in his physical condition and fitness. and wants to continue to prove himself in the Premier League While the contract with Manchester United is valid until 2026 and has conditions to extend to 2027 as well.“

I feel very good. I feel in perfect physical condition. I have the same strength and mentality that I always had.”

“I guess people talk about age. But it’s been proven. At 39, Thiago Silva has come here and shown that you can play. The most recent Ballon d’Or winner is over 34.”