‘Tony’ tells ‘Gabriel’ to tweet back as a joke

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Brentford striker Ivan Tony admits that the first mock tweet. From an Arsenal player made him laugh. But his latest tweet came back from Gabriel Magalles. I felt that it was a joke.

The story began last season. After Brentford were promoted to the Premier League. For the first time and defeated Arsenal 2-0 in the opening match. Tony posted on Twitter. ter said “It’s a good kick for the boys,”

Arsenal’s All or Nothing documentary reveals. That Mikel Arteta opened up Tony’s tweet to his players in a bid to encourage him. The UFABET report

Then, in their second meeting in February, the Gunners returned with a 2-1 win at the Emirates Stadium and Alexandre Lacazette didn’t hesitate to post. The same sentence with Tony, “It’s a good kick for the boys”.

This season, the two teams met again on Sunday and it was Arsenal’s revenge on the 3-0 demolition, this time it was Gabriel Magalles, tweeting the same sentence,

Tony . Jersey has been performing well this season, scoring five goals in seven league games, earning him his first England call-up by Gareth Southgate. To prepare for the Nations League.

During an interview before the game when the “Roaring Lions” prepare to play against Italy, the 26-year-old striker was asked about tweets that Arsenal players posted to mock.

“I thought the first time was funny, but the second time I felt it was a bit rough,” Tony revealed.

“I saw it biting my tongue, and wanted to reply to sniff it back, but to give them credit, this Arsenal team has changed from what we’ve been through. And they are playing really well.”