‘De Ligt’ points out that Tiger is aiming to win the UCL different from the Zebra

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Matthijs de Ligt, the young defender, says Bayern Munich have ambitions to win. Champions League, which he does not feel like this at Juventus, the former agency.

Last summer, De Ligt left “Zebra” to join “Southern Tigers” for a total fee of 77 million euros after playing for the Turin giants for three seasons

Dutch footballer Matthijs De Ligt came into the highlight in 2018/19 when he along with his Ajax teammate dominated UCL despite being just 20 years old. De Ligt impressed the world football which led the Italian top club Juventus to buy him in the whopping sum of €75 million. Sources even reveal that Cristiano Ronaldo personally persuaded the young defender to join them.

In contrast to that time, now both Ronaldo and Mattijs have left the Bionacceri as the club has drastically dropped their form. Ligt joined Bayern in July of 2022 for €67 million. And it seems the player is enjoying his time at the German giants more than his time in Italy.

. The 23-year-old defender is now at the team. The Netherlands national in preparation for the Nations League, and he spoke to UFABET . revealing the difference between Juventus and Bayern:

“I enjoyed my time at Juventus, but I felt that It’s time to find a new challenge

. Champions League, which I don’t feel at Juve.”

“Plus, Bayern has a football philosophy that is close to Netherlands national team more than Juventus, I’m very satisfied with the first two months at Bayern

. Plus, the last game lost at home to Benfica, while Bayern won two straight matches, defeating strong teams such as Barcelona and Inter Milan.