Bellingham smiles, his form explodes, fans cheer loudly.

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Real Madrid midfielder Jude Bellingham says he is happy with his performance. Including the welcome of the football fans that are extremely excellent.

The Whites beat Getafe 2-1 at home in La Liga on Saturday. The winning goal from Jude Bellingham in injury time gave Los Blancos a 4-game winning streak in the league.

“You have to be very patient. The game is pretty crazy. The opponent played really well. continuous resistance I saw the second play, I saw Lucas shoot at the same time. It may not be the most beautiful. But it is the mental work of guessing where the ball might land. The sound from the stands was impressive,” Bellingham said.

“We do well in away games with pressure from opposing fans. Here (Santiago Bernabeu) the response was very good. And you couldn’t ask for more UFABET

“In the second half we played more demandingly and finished better. We were unstoppable when we dominated the game. With these teammates I try to play better with my positive energy.

“The sound [on the field] was the loudest. When I scored the goal it was the loudest I’ve ever heard. When they sang ‘Hey Jude,’ I wanted to stop and listen to them. My legs were shaking. They signed me for moments like this.”

The English midfielder produced a superb performance, scoring 5 goals in 4 league games and playing an important role in helping the team win them all.